Thursday, January 28, 2010

yes, really...

Tonight, I learned to knit! After I did this much I just took it apart and gave the supplies back to my gracious teacher, Sarah. But it was out on a limb for me to even try. :) Who knows - maybe there are home-made scarves from me in your future... :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't do this much

But in echo of my friend Sarah's blog post, check out this thoughtful post on differently-abled persons. Then watch the video.

fun family randomness

Ryan is taking a Mentored Ministry class this semester. As the title indicates, it is a class for being mentored by those already in ministry. Ryan gets to work with Sean at Communality in Lexington, and the kids and I will be attending several of the events there with him. It will be fun to learn from them and worship with them this spring.

Amberly now uses this site for printing a weekly organizer. It's free, recyclable, and pocket-size. Plus, each week I get to pick a new cover (using the "image" option). This week: luggage, since we're traveling this weekend. :)

Morgan's response to Athan's first steps (forgot to post this with the other video):

Athan has transformed the act of cuddling into an athletic event. Almost nightly, he crawls in bed with us, and proceeds to try to be in constant contact with both Mom and Dad at all times. The closer the better, especially if we can be cheek-to-cheek. It's much cuter now, as a fun kid story in the daylight, than it is at 4 a.m.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

another Morgan moment

"Mom, Athan and I are a band! We're called the Significant Singers!"

Yes, really, she said "significant."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

among the favorite activities of late: letters

The story about the above pic goes like this: When I came into the bathroom, Morgan spoke with great urgency. "Mom, don't worry. I know "cat" is wrong, but we don't have a letter C any more because Athan bit it and it broke, so I used a K because it makes the same sound and we don't have a C any more and I put it backwards because it is the wrong one anyway. Ok, Mom? Don't worry."
"Ok, Morgan. No problem. Not worried. Good spelling."

The bottom one started out to be "Mom" and ended up being "Mooooo." Not sure what I think about that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morgan's 5th

Morgan turned five back in December. Ryan and I took cupcakes up to school for a little party with her class, and Ryan took her in to Lex to see the Nutcracker ballet. She got to go backstage afterward and meet all the ballerinas, then eat dinner with Dad on the way home. She really understood the story, Ryan said, and recounted most of it to me when she got home. I can hardly believe my beautiful girl is 5! :) Just wanted to post a couple pics for you all...

my temp job, etc.

Prepare to laugh - I'm working some shifts at the Phone-a-thon for the seminary. I know, I know - not my life's calling! But it has been surprisingly good. We call alumni, spouses, and friends to first pray, then update them on seminary news, and give them a chance to pledge to the general scholarship fund if they want to. I don't have to beg anyone for money (which I'm terrible at doing), and I do get to pray with folks (which I really like). So... ok, go ahead and laugh at me now. :) It'll be nice to get a pay check for a change, even if it's only for 30 hours or so.

Morgan's back in school and still liking it, it seems. Our girl is ever-more creative lately, and it's fun to watch her learn to read. Her big new addition this semester is ballet lessons - a Christmas gift from Grammy. She LOVES it. Her first session was too funny! She had been placed in the wrong class, and she was the only beginner in there. Oh my. She looked like the Rogue Ballerina. 3 other little girls following instructions and standing in "first position" as Morgan spins and then falls down over and over. She has now been moved to the appropriate class so she can spin and fall with 5 or 6 other newbies. Way fun. She says "I'm a ballerina, Mom. A REAL one."

Athan's still being our Athan. A little volatile these days, as 2 year olds will be, but still pretty pleasant kiddo most of the time. He has taken a few more steps here and there, but he's not too interested in trying for more than that. As with the rest of his skills, it'll have to be on his terms when he decides to go ahead and walk more. He IS showing much more initiative in using his walker these days, so his legs are getting more and more strength and coordination. He can identify most of the alphabet on sight, and is learning the sounds, too. He talks alot, and more and more clearly, too.

Ryan is with the kids alot while I work my phone-a-thon shifts, and is using the break to read the books he wants to read! He's also finishing up lots of work for the ordination process, and working on the ever-present to-do list of around-the-house projects (the bathroom is almost finished!).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

one five ten

On January 5, 2010, with both parents and dear friends looking on, Athan took his first totally unassisted steps. 4 of them.

Details and hopefully video to follow.

He walked!!