Sunday, June 29, 2008

slower than i thought

Ok, so no pics yet. I'll get there, promise.

Until then, check out this precious new arrival - congratulations to the Caldwells!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


(insert sigh of relief)

Due to much help from many faithful friends, most of the house has new paint and we are moved in.

The kids are good. Morgan loves her purple room and the tree house (pics to follow as soon as I unpack the camera stuff...).

Athan has had a tough couple of days. Immunizations with Dr. Coburn yesterday. ECHO this morning, the unexpectedly complicated visit with audiology/ENT today. He went in for a hearing test, which they could not do because of fluid in his ears. Then audiologist called in an ENT doc, who suggested putting tubes in his ears. However, he does not have an extensive history of fluid in his ears, so we are waiting. It could clear up in a matter of weeks, and be fine. We'll get a second opinion before we go through with it.

Then tired boy came home and we tried to so physical therapy. It went fine, but then he hit a wall and just got MAD. I mean MAD. So we put him down for a nap, and he woke up happy Athan again. :)

I slipped out of the house for a few minutes to get online here at the coffee shop. I guess I'll head back home and help with bedtime stuff. We should have internet at the house again tomorrow afternoon, and I'll try to get some pics up of the new place.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

quicky, while i have a sec

Appointments went well. NICU Grad Clinic said nothing new, except that we are going to see some ENT folks to look at his epiglotis again, just to make sure it's ok. Endo check-up was good - no change in meds or anything.

We also saw a urologist, and as expected he got Athan on the books for a simple procedure. The surgery is just a one-day deal (outpatient), and it's scheduled for July 14th.

And we're moving. Like, right now. Ryan is at the new house painting while I pack some stuff here. This may be my last post until the dust settles in the new place a bit.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us, friends and family!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day pool party

We've had a good day. Just resting a bit before the busy week of school, doctor appointments, and moving. We joined the Herons at the pool this evening. I'll take my camera next time, but for now you should just know that both our kids love the water. Athan thought daddy was too funny blowing bubbles in the water, and Morgan just kinda floated around the pool on a variety of floaty devices, loving every minute.

Happy Dads Day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morgan's new favorite game

It's called "Pile Stuff on Bubba."

the faces of Athan

This is the face he makes during physical therapy when he doesn't want to work hard:

This is the face he makes when you call his name:
This is the nose-wrinkle CHEESE smile:
This is the sleeping face:

Morgan moment

Me: Morgan, when did you get so grown up?

Morgan: Um, on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ophtho report

We saw Dr. Napier today. Whew - what an ordeal. She must be the only pediatric ophthalmologist in a tri-state area. I arrived to check us in at 2:30, our appointment was supposed to be at 3. I finally saw the doc at 4:15, and left after 5.

The news: Athan's left eye is officially turning in. We will begin patching his right eye 2 hours a day, and hope that is enough to correct the problem. If not, we may have another little surgery ahead. We will patch his eye from now until mid-September, then evaluate his progress.

Also, he is near-sighted. It is not severe, but he is a little near-sighted. We have a prescription for glasses, but Dr. Napier was really soft about this point. She says we should fill the scrip, and then see if he seems to like the improvement in his vision. If he gets excited about being able to see more, we'll keep them on. If they just bug him more than they help, we can wait until he's older to do glasses. We'll probably get them and try after we move and get settled.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

another good PT session

Laurie was here today, and Athan did so well! He stood (with a little support and balance help, of course) for a LONG time. Longer, at least, than he has ever done before. It was so good to see. It's almost startling to see how tall he is when he stands.

We go see ophthalmology tomorrow, so I'll try to post an update tomorrow evening when I get home about what Dr. Napier says.

back in full swing

Ryan's back and Strebeckville is in motion again. Ryan is taking a class this week. We've got doctor appointments for Athan. And we're packing. Yep - we have been blessed with a 3-bedroom house to live in for the next couple of years, and we'll be moving next week! :) I am really excited. Ryan and I have exchanged several e-mails about what we're most excited about. Things that top my list:

1. no more stairs!
2. fenced back yard for Morgan
3. extra bedroom - no more waking Athan up when I need some socks.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

missing Dad

Ryan is in New Mexico for NWTX Annual Conference. I think the trip is going well. We miss him and we'll sure be ready to see him tomorrow! :) Morgan announced last night that she was going to New Mexico to get Dad...

Athan (surprise, surprise) is not sleeping well. Ryan has the magic touch for getting him to sleep, which doesn't work from Albuquerque. So we've been awake in the middle of the night more often than usual. But Charis came and kept the kiddos while I got a break yesterday, and she'll be here again today. To any single moms out there, my respect for you deepens by the moment. I'm not tough enough to do this without help...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the still shots

Dad tried to help,

Mom tried to help,
even Morgan tried to help,
but he made it clear he needed NO help at all with his cupcake! :)
We got some cool gifts (including a singing card from Aunt Berniece and an unassembled bouncy toy from Uncle Josh and Uncle Jer, not pictured):
and even though it is the least original observation I could make (worse that I'll post it on a blog), I'll go ahead and say that his favorite toys so far are the envelope, tissue paper, and gift bags.Birthday boy is asleep, so I should crash myself. Night all.

birthday video