Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All better now...

Athan recovered from the procedure 2 weeks ago just fine. He probably took the whole thing better than I did! :) I was sickly for a couple days after his ordeal was all over.

Then we went to Clovis for a belated Christmas gathering, and Morgan got sick (as in puking lots and eating almost nothing for a couple days). Then we came home from Clovis, and Athan got sick (also puking, had to give IM shot of cortef).

But we're all better now. Whew!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well lthis is new...

Athan has his dental work done tomorrow. Just a few fillings, but it has to be done at the hospital to monitor heart and endo stuff.

This has been a new experience for us. In Kentucky, all of his procedures, whatever the specialty, were done either at UK or down the road at Central Baptist. Most of his docs knew each other, and all of his records were in the same computer system. Getting instructions for Athans care before, during, and after surgery seemed pretty easy.

Not this time. The dentist is a local independent practitioner, the pediatrician is part of a local practice, and the local Hospital is host for the day surgery. Meanwhile, Athan needs input from Cardio and Endo which are through Cook's Children's in Ft. Worth. Every doc and nurse and staff member is overbooked and overworked, it seems. We can't get calls (or faxes or e-mails or sing-o-grams) from specialists for pre- and post-op care, and we can't STOP getting calls from people who want the money first and NOW.

Ugh. I think most of the wrinkles have been ironed out, hurdles jumped over, and hoops jumped through. Tomorrow we will head up there at 7, have surgery at 8:30, and hope to be home by noon or 1.