Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Whew. This is nice. :)

Morgan and Ryan are finished with school for the semester. All the programs and parties are over. Now we just rest and wait.

And one of the things I'm looking forward to doing is updating you all via this too-long-latent blog. :) I'll get some fun posts and Athan updates going soon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Truly, we try to structure our lives so we use the word "busy" very,very little. However, this weekend, we were busy! I'm worn out, but at least this only happens a couple of times a year. :0) The past few days went something like this:

Thursday - early PT appointment in the afternoon and Morgan's school program that evening.
Friday - spent all day getting ready for the Canadian Missions committee to come see the house, then dinner with Canadian visitors and the people they help support at seminary.
Saturday - cooked all morning for a party Sat. evening, took Morgan to a birthday party for Maddie in Lex, then hosted a Send-Off Party for 3 families who will move in the next few weeks.
Sunday - Morgan's birthday! :) We had pancakes for breakfast, then church, then lunch, then Dad took Morgan to see The Nutcracker (pics to follow), meanwhile I went to a girl's farewell dinner for a friend moving this week. This evening Morgan opened gifts, ate cake, and watched a movie.

I suppose that list is unimpressive to some, but for us, that is extraordinarily hectic. :) Maybe I'm a wimp. It was all very fun stuff, and I'm glad we can resume a reasonable pace now, too. :)

This week Ryan will finish up the semester, we will load a moving truck and cry, and we'll begin life without Rob and Kat next door, with a 5-year-old in the house, and with one last semester of seminary ahead of us.

Friday, December 4, 2009

beginning of the transition

Well, we don't actually move for over 6 months, but the process has started. At least as far as Athan's doctors are concerned....

This week we saw 3 of Athan's doctors. Dr. Irene checked his endo stuff, and all is well. No change. Dr. Coburn did a 6-month check-up, and again - all is well.

And we saw Dr. Bay. She is the Geneticist we see only once a year. Yes, again, all is well. It was our last visit with Dr. Bay. She is sending us copies of Athan's file with genetics in preparation for the move, as well as sending us contact info for geneticists nearer to west Texas. It's our very first "last" anything before we move. You may get tired of "lasts" posts over the next few months, but I suppose there may be a few anyway. We're thankful to Dr. Bay and her staff for helping us smooth the transition out of the Bluegrass back to the High Plains.