Saturday, March 17, 2012

a happy moment

Ok, I know this could be a fluke, so I won't get too excited. Still, this made me smile:

The kids were watching a short video and having a snack while I cleaned the kitchen. Athan got up and brought his trash (granola bar wrapper) into the kitchen and threw it away. Without a word to me, he got a napkin and wiped his hands, and then got out a cup, filled it with water, took a drink, put the cup back on the counter, and returned to the movie.

It seems simple, I know. But just celebrate with me, for a moment, what he did NOT do. He did not leave his trash in the living room floor. He did not wipe his sticky hands on the recliner or on his shirt. He did not yell for me to bring him a napkin or a drink. He did not leave his cup half full of water in the middle of the floor, nor did he throw it in frustration.

Morgan craves independence so much we have to remind her that she's still 7, not 22. Athan, on the other hand, has been more resistant to our encouragement toward more independence. For a moment today, that was different.

A happy moment. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

cardio surgery consult

So I'm trying again to keep up the blog. :)

We just had our consultation with Dr. Tam, the heart surgeon at Cooks Children's. He described the procedure to us (no surprises), and we set the dates.

Pro-op: Wed, April 11.

Surgery: Thurs, April 12.