Sunday, October 7, 2012

Real rest

Snoring on Mama's lap is good

Home again, home again...

Athan's home and relaxing in the bathtub. :)

He is out of the danger zone.  His sugars are really high now, thanks to lots of extra Cortef in his system.  He's safe, but he's going to feel rotten and weird until we step back down to normal dose.  Might be a long night ahead.  When he has all the extra steroids, he seems to be a little restless, jittery, and emotionally extra volatile. But he feels better, and these are signs he's on the mend, so I'll take it!

Many, many thanks, again, for all your prayers for our boy.

Moving Forward

Dr Wiley evaluated Athan once we got up to our room. Since athan is feeling better and has an appetite we'll try some basic food. If he can keep that down and his glucose levels remain stable, he'll send us home tonight.
Thanks for your prayers - this guy is a trooper.


Sugars up and holding. Meds in. Stats good. Out of ER and in a room on pediatric floor. Waiting on visit from pediatrician while watching Toy Story 2.

Adrenal crisis again

Athan woke up not feeling well and with a scary low blood sugar. We couldn't get him to rebound at home, and had to bring him in to the ER. After a couple tries we finally got an IV run and glucose in his system. His sugars are up, and we are getting his adrenal support meds now. Thanks for praying us through another round.