Monday, April 25, 2011

eye surgery postponed

Athan's fine. But Cardio says we'd better do the surgery in a hospital so he can be on a heart monitor during the procedure, and our current doc is only set up to do surgeries at a surgery center that doesn't have heart monitoring capabilities. So he's referring us to a pediatric eye doc in Ft. Worth who does surgeries in a hospital.

I'm glad we're being cautious. No complaints about taking the safest route. I'm a little frustrated that it took so many appointments before we figured out that a referral was needed. Still, everyone was very helpful at both offices in town today, and got my surgical pre-payments refunded quickly and fully.

So we'll meet the new doc soon and start the process over.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pre-op for eye surgery

We went in for our pre-op appointment for Athan's up-coming eye surgery today. It should be a short, simple out-patient surgery next Wednesday, and they'll kinda loosen the muscles on the inside of both eyes to keep them from turning in.

Now the week of jumping through medi-communication loops begins. We actually already had an appointment with Cardio for this Thursday, during which we have to get them to send all of Athan's info (through the Cardio lens) to the docs at the surgery center for review. Same with Endo, plus stress dose instructions for his IV Steroids (because unlike the saintly Dr. Irene, we haven't gotten a letter yet from our new doc with instructions for surgeries and emergencies - bah!). Then the anesthesiologists convene over his compiled medical history and decide if we're ok to proceed as planned. If they decide Athan would be better served to do the surgery at the hospital instead of the surgery center, we'll have to reschedule.

Barring any red flags, one more surgery for kiddo a week from tomorrow.

Friday, April 8, 2011

some other stuff we do

Blue pants because it's too hot already (yes, we will get him a haircut soon):

Ryan lays sod in the backyard:
Morgan dresses up for 50s Day at school:
And Western Day:
And we hang out with Grammy and Baby Mae:


Planes (Dallas to St. Louis to Chicago to D.C, then D.C to Denver to OKC to Dallas):
Trains (into Baltimore and back with the Crisps to visit the science Center):

And automobiles (lots of driving, too. Trip to train station pictured here):

It was really good to see our friends the Crisps! What a great way to vacation! The Wilmore Diaspora better watch out - the Strebecks like planning vacations to intrude on old friends. :) I think the kids had fun: