Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in the ER

Long story short: we brought Athan into the ER due to acute stomach pain (we knew it was serious because Athan was screaming, which doesn't happen (I remember one other time)).
After X-rays and a CT scan, they have decided the obstruction in small intestine is due to an ileus.

While we await the next step, the boy is sleeping soundly.

Part B of our evening: Amberly also had to be admitted due to flu symptoms and vomiting. She could not stop coughing nor keep anything down.
She's resting as well, but still very uncomfortable.

Thank you for your prayers on both counts. And thanks to the elmwood west crew for celebrating the nativity of Christ in our absence. And to Neighbors and L&L for taking care of Morgan this evening. There are more thank you's, but have to cut this post short.

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